The Woei family (Ella, Frank & Lisa), huge supporters of OARH, at the Runner's Alley Redhook 5K

If you are a race director and you would like OARH to contribute to your cause please email me at 

If I am not committed to another race that day....

I will try to help!.

Noah Andronaco, sporting his OARH running shirt!

2017 RESULTS:   16 races        $13,375 in grants to local charities

Tony Andronaco, CRO, and son Addison at the Chief Maloney Memorial Run

Take a look at the OARH Racing Team from Willow's Run, which supports Seacoast Pathways.  Great job team!

OARH is a recognized 501(c)3 entity.  Your donation to OARH is tax deductible and each donor will receive a tax exempt letter from OARH. 

Tony Andronaco, CRO, with David, a participant at Krempels Center and Sue Chase, former executive director at Krempels

Welcome to OARH 

OARH's mission is to raise money for important causes through road running.  We sponsor road races (5K, 10K, Half Marathons, etc.) that raise money for charities and non-profits across New England and New York.  In addition to sponsoring the race, Tony Andronaco and/or other Team OARH members run each race and raise additional money through private donations to each charity/non-profit.   Each year OARH will grant a minimum of $10,000 plus every dollar donated to OARH via the "Friends of OARH" Network.   

If you care about causes like education, helping at risk youth, providing services and supports to families struggling with an injury/illness to a loved one, assisting the families of fallen officers/first responders, or the environment, PLEASE DONATE TO OARH!  You can do so below.  100% of donations to OARH are put back into the community.



‚ÄčTony Andronaco, Founder

& Chief Running Officer

Open Arms Racing Heart Foundation

Tony Andronaco Running

OARH was well represented at the Bobcat Bolt.  Here Tony Andronaco is pictured with OARH supporter, Anita Mathur