Team OARH runners receive a free running shirt

I am looking for runners to join me on Team OARH!  If you would like to be on the team please email me at  You can also select to run with team Open Arms Racing Heart when signing up for one of the races.  Simply select OARH in the "team" drop down dialogue box as you register for the race.  All you have to do is run with us, there is no financial requirement!

If you do not want to run, you can still join Team OARH as a "Friend of OARH."  As a friend, you will be part of the OARH community that is periodically updated on my running activities and the charities that I support.  Believe me, I need the support and encouragement!  I will email you from time to time with news and information concerning the races I plan on running and the results of those races.  I may also include links to the various charities that sponsor these races;  who knows, maybe there is one that is close to your heart!  If you are so moved you can even support my run and the charity by making a donation directly to the organization sponsoring the race.  Being a Friend of OARH is about community, it does not carry any obligation, financial or otherwise, in any way.  Please join the community if you are able. 

To become a Friend of OARH just click on my email link ( using “Friend of OARH” in the subject line. 

Run on Team OARH!!!

Friends of OARH receive a free t-shirt